Win'95 fix for the Moon Applet

The Moon Applet written by Akkana Peck is a great applet that shows the current phase of the moon. When the time zone changed to Daylight Savings Time, a problem was encountered in how the web browsers deal with this change in Windows 95. Netscape has added a fix for this in their latest version 4.0 just released.<\p>

Until you get Netscape 4.0 which will cure the problem on your PC running Win'95, you'll have to make the following fix to your system.
Go into your favorite editor and edit the file, c:\autoexec.bat
Add the following line (assuming you are on the west coast)


Then save the file and restart your computer. It should work now. Its a problem that only Netscape is addressing and is not fixed in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. You'll have to bug Microsoft to fix this one.

NOTE: if you are in a different time zone, substitute the following for your zone:

Eastern: TZ=EST5EDT
Central: TZ=CST6CDT
Mountain: TZ=MST7MDT