Barnard's Star (2004 - 2008)

Barnard's Star

Paul Mortfield & Stefano Cancelli

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Paul Mortfield & Stefano Cancelli

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  Title Barnard's Star (2004 - 2008)
  Photo Credit: Paul Mortfield & Stefano Cancelli
  Object: Barnard's Star
  Date: May 2004 - August 2008
  Location: California and Toronto,Canada
  Telescope: RCOS 16" f/8.9
  Camera: SBIG: ST10xme, STL11000 Apogee: U16M
  Wavelengths: LRGB
  Exposure Time:  varied each year. Usually 5 minutes.
  Notes: This project started in 2004 to track Barnard's Star; a special star which is known to have the highest proper motion of 10 arcseconds per year. The same telescope was used for all the images, though it has resided in 3 different places and two countries. The telescope started in Cupertino, California, then was relocated to Toronto, Canada and now located at Sierra Remote Observatories in California. This effort will continue with a new image taken once a year.

2008 - August 26. Shaver Lake, California
2007 - June 23. Shaver Lake, California
2006 - August 8. Toronto, Canada
2005 - July 23. Toronto, Canada
2004 - May 29. Cupertino, California